Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Power Soldier Re-Run - Get the Missing Power-Con Figures

Did you miss the black and white Power Soldiers?  The bad news is that the Four Horsemen oversold the run to the tune of about 200 pieces.

Good news - the Four Horsemen are going to run more! Originally an underannounced 250 piece run, the duo will be open for pre-order for 72  hours beginning this Thursday, September 19.  Pre-orders will close Sunday, September 22.  For additional details, visit Source Horsemen.  All I can say is kudos for extending the run - as someone who (I think) made it in under the wire, I'm very happy to see more are being made and that collectors can get what they want (and that the Four Horsemen can take advantage of the interest in their sizable investment in development of this property.)

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