Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NYCC Power Lords Revealed: Ggrapptikk Soldiers!

A short window from reveal to the release of these figures - less than a week - New York Comic Con's exclusive Ggrapptikk Grunt figures will be sold for $13 each (or $25 for the pair) this weekend at booth #102.  Click here to see big pictures and more at Source Horsemen.

Power Lords Fan Club members will get first crack at it, and that 10% discount qualifies. A pair of these guys should cost you US$34.50 delivered.  If you have friends into this line, I strongly suggest combining your orders to save on shipping, not only for you but also so the Horsemen have to pack fewer boxes and we all get our figures that much faster.

No specific on-sale time or date has been mentioned for non-con-goers, other than it will be after the convention closes on Sunday.  Stay tuned for more!

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