Monday, February 25, 2013

Toypocalypse: Vintage Power Lords Toy and Merchandise Photos

Get a sense of history with the Power Lords Vintage Gallery. This gallery features vintage 1980s action figures, board games, Halloween costumes, and a few other goodies.  Enjoy!

Toypocalypse - Power Lords Art Gallery

You saw the toys, now see more!  Check out this swell Power Lords Art Gallery with Wayne Barlowe originals plus fan submissions from Toypocalypse. Good stuff all around, plus there are a few custom figures in here.  It's part of our ongoing, never-ending Toy Fair coverage!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Power Lords Update from the Four Horsemen

Comic-Con exclusives and tooling updates and more were added to, giving us an update on some of the things teased earlier for Power Lords this year.

The collector club is still being worked out, as are exclusives, and reconfirms the 3 3/4-inch scale and likely Glyos compatibility.  Click here to read everything!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Power Lords: 2013 World Debut in New York at Toypocalypse 3: ExtraTOYrrestrial

An entirely different kind of Wayne's World!  Mr. Wayne Barlowe was on hand at Toypocalypse 3 in Toy Tokyo's basement a few hours ago, and I took a monster gallery of the 5 new action figures.  Click here to see them at's ongoing Toy Fair 2013 coverage.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Toypocalypse 3: ExtraTOYrrestrial Event with Wayne Barlowe

Sci-fi artist and Power Lords auteur Wayne Barlowe is going to be in New York this weekend!  If you're going to Toypocalypse 3: ExtraTOYrrestrial in Toy Tokyo's basement (and I plan to be there) you may see Mr. Barlowe as well as numerous samples of vintage Power Lords toys and a bunch of customs and art inspired by the toy line.  (And who knows, maybe some prototypes of the 2013 stuff.)  Click here for the full press release at the Four Horsemen blog.

The short version:
TT Underground Gallery:  91 2nd Ave.  New York, New York (beneath Toy Tokyo)
Free general admission. No invitation necessary.
SATURDAY, Feb. 9th - OPENING PARTY: 7pm to 10pm
SUNDAY Feb. 10th through WEDNESDAY Feb. 13th: regular gallery hours

See you there!  (Or you stay here and I'll post some pictures.)