Thursday, May 29, 2014

Power Lords Fan Club Newsletter #1 Sent Today

If you signed up for the Trigore Level, Power Ship Level, or Volcan Rock level of the Power Lords Fan Club you should have received Power Lords Fan Club Newsletter #1 in your inbox today!  If you don't see it, check your bulk item folders for the subject line "Power Lords Fan Club Newsletter #1."

The newsletter includes edition sizes for the complete line so far, backstories for some existing elements of the characters and planets, plus updates on how many blue Ggrapptikks remain.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review: Four Horsemen Power Lords New York Comic Con Exclusive Ggrapptikk Grunt (Purple) Action Figure

Four Horsemen Power Lords New York Comic Con Exclusive Ggrapptikk Grunt (Purple) Action FigureWhile fundamentally similar to the pink version I reviewed last year, the Ggrapptikk Grunt (Purple) its sibling and now that we've had a few of these guys, it's worth looking at him again. I'm writing this just days after the fully-painted figures Ggrabbtargg, Ggripptogg, and Ggrapptikk went on sale giving us a grand total of 8 flavors of this mold with multiple heads so far. In short, this is a mold that mere weeks from now, a lot of fans are probably going to be ready to never ever want to buy again, but it's still a good mold - this wasn't the best version in terms of paint, but it's still charming. It just feels so, so much older than it is given the advancements in deco we've had since February.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Review: Power Lords Ophidian Squad Soldier Action Figure

Four Horsemen Power Lords Ophidian Squad Soldier Action FigureThe Four Horsemen are smart - they have a small loyal audience that usually doesn't complain, and are generally cool buying the same figure repainted a few times over. Given the limited edition nature of these figures, it's a necessity. The Ophidian Squad Soldier is one of six (so far) versions of this mold - and the fully-painted main characters, the updates of the original Adam Power/Lord Power, finally go on sale today.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Reminder: Power Lords On Sale 3:00 PM Eastern Friday

Surprisingly, all five figures are on sale for tomorrow's drop at Store Horsemen!  All five figures are on sale, even the ones going to club members.  (Granted, you have to be a club member to order more of those.) Don't miss yours!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Painted Power Lords Pre-Orders on Friday

Adam Power, Ggripptogg, Lord Power, and more will go on sale Friday, May 23 and no time was given.  First-come, first-served with Power Lords Fan Clubs members getting their figures shipped out first - according to the

"...we should have them in stock at the warehouse by Friday May 30th to begin shipping to all of the Power Lords Fan Club members FIRST.

The last shipment took quite some time, so this is certainly welcome news!