Monday, August 26, 2013

Power Lords Preview, Glyos Mini Fit Comments

Matt Doughty of Onell Design - the toy engineering guru behind Glyos, Outer Space Men, and now Power Lords - made a post demonstrating the form fit between his creations and Power Lords, plus dropped in a few key tidbits on the upcoming line.

He writes:
"The neck is the same on the Elite Power Soldier, Standard Power Soldier and Adam Power. The Glyos fit function is at the bottom of the neck, and the top is a ball joint. Lord Power does not have a separate neck joint, so the look would not be compromised by a break point.

The prototypes that were sold around SDCC are quite special, as we had to alter a few of the peg sizes on the final production designs.

The elbows and ankles are now the micro Glyos diameter peg size, and the holes on the bottoms of the feet are also sporting the micro sized female fits. These changes were made to make the connections stronger and take stress off the wall stock in the thinner areas. We also strengthened every other standard connection point throughout all the figures."