Saturday, September 28, 2013

Power Lords + Glyos = Compatibility

My Power-Con exclusive Power Lords Power Soldier and Elite Power Soldier showed up in the FedEx today just after lunch, meaning I finally got to find out just why nobody was posting pictures of Onell Design or Outer Space Men figure parts swapped in with these new sci-fi marvels.

The good news is that the Power Lords from the Four Horsemen use the Glyos system, but with a twist.  Many of the parts - like the shoulders and head - use the traditional full-size Glyos plug.  The elbows, wrists, and ankles use a smaller Glyos plug as seen in The Outer Space Men hands and feet for Alpha 7 and Gemini.  Due to some peg gender-bending, you can't put the OSM hands on the Power Lords wrists - plugs plus plugs and holes plus holes won't work here.  The same is true of the feet - you may only swap those between Power Soldiers.

The figures are 3 3/4-inch scale, more or less, putting them right at home with your Outer Space Men and Star Wars action figures.  On a shelf, these are probably more likely to go with non-Glyos figures due to the realism of sculpts and the fact that while some of the parts swap nicely, others don't.

 Getting the existing Glyos parts into a Power Soldier torso is tricky - the hole is recessed deeply in the shoulders, and the Power Soldier ball shoulders look positively wonky on an Outer Space Men torso.   The legs can sort of be swapped onto the Onell hips, but they don't really work on the OSM.   Heads from other figures don't fit easily in the Power Lords socket other than the Banimon offerings, but you can get some long, narrow pieces to fit in there as you see an arm and a ray gun in the above pictures.

I've only had these for a short while, and a longer review with impressions will be posted to on Wednesday.   In the meantime, enjoy the pictures and let me know what you're coming up with!

Power-Con Exclusive Power Lords Packaging

The Power Lords from Power-Con are shipping from Store Horsemen, and mine just came today.  While the Four Horsemen did show a folded-over header card packaging akin to the Outer Space Men exclusives, you can see here they opted to do a sealed plastic bag with a sticker, complete with a hand-written number.  The Power Soldier you see here is #27 of 250 (and then some), and we'll be reviewing him at the Figure of the Day on Wednesday.

We're experimenting with the new figure format in our labs right now and we're quite pleased with them.   As long as redeco fatigue doesn't set in, this is probably going to be the best Glyos-compatible figure you buy all year.  The parts are not fully compatible with all the other figures - we'll get to that soon - but there's a lot to love here.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Power Soldier Re-Run - Get the Missing Power-Con Figures

Did you miss the black and white Power Soldiers?  The bad news is that the Four Horsemen oversold the run to the tune of about 200 pieces.

Good news - the Four Horsemen are going to run more! Originally an underannounced 250 piece run, the duo will be open for pre-order for 72  hours beginning this Thursday, September 19.  Pre-orders will close Sunday, September 22.  For additional details, visit Source Horsemen.  All I can say is kudos for extending the run - as someone who (I think) made it in under the wire, I'm very happy to see more are being made and that collectors can get what they want (and that the Four Horsemen can take advantage of the interest in their sizable investment in development of this property.)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Power Lords Power-Con Exclusives Up, Sell Out Immediately

The on-sale time wasn't announced, but the figures were limited to 5 per person and sold out in just a few minutes.  The targeted on-sale time was 5 PM Eastern, and they didn't go live until about 5:09 PM.  They were "on hold" stating at about 5:20 PM, so they were indeed hot stuff.  The black soldier was the first to sell out, but both the Power Soldiers were gone in no time flat.

Here are the now no longer relevant details.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Power Lords Fan Club Details, Pricing, Ordering Revealed

The long-promised Power Lords Fan Club is up for ordering!  Source Horsemen has the full details, but here's the really short version, followed by the short version.

Shipping is $12 extra on all levels - even the $20 level. Level 2 is arguably the most compelling with an exclusive figure - but US residents will have to shell out a whopping $72 to get this one.

There are three levels, and shipping is not included.  If you want a figure, a shirt, an early order window, and a discount, it's $60 (+$12).  If you want some paper stuff and the early order window, it's only $20 (+$12).  If you want signed art and a whole mess of stuff, it's $100 (+$12).

It may be worthwhile for the discount. The membership lasts one year, and nobody is sure how many figures will be made in that first year.  Also, how badly do you want that exclusive Ggrabbtargg?

Monday, September 9, 2013

First-Ever Glyos Power Lords Figures On Sale Saturday

Store Horsemen and Power-Con have two exclusive Power Lords figures this weekend!  At $10 each, each Power Soldier is something of a bargain.  There was no confirmation as to online availability yet but there's a black figure with red markings - Power Soldier - and a white figure with black markings - Elite Power Soldier.

If anyone is going and buys extras, do let me know as I'd love to buy a set myself.

Click here for more details.