Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Power Soldiers: Brown, Grey, Pre-Orders in November

Along with the reissues of the black and white Power Soldiers from Power-Con, the Four Horsemen announced these two new Power Soldiers with a pre-order date of November.  Presumably, they are interested in actually making enough of them for demand, and I applaud them for this.

What's more, they also posted shots of variant heads for each Power Lords figure - which makes me wonder what I have to do to get some of those!  (Heck, I'd have ordered more black and white figures if I knew I could get more heads.)  Check 'em out.

NYCC Power Lords - Not Available to General Public

It took a couple of days, but the Ggrapptikk Soldiers sold out and will not be sold to the general public.   If you aren't already buddies with a club member, it might be time to make some new friends so you won't miss out on future releases.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Power Lords Ggrapptikk Grunts For Sale Now

Yes, they are!  If you're a club member, that is.  These items are not yet sold out - click here to get Ggrapptikk Grunts at Store Horsemen.  Singles or the set are available, and club members enjoy a 10% discount.

Given that the figures did not sell out at New York Comic Con 2013, have not sold out yet, and require a pricey club membership to order, it is very likely there will be some units for sale for non-club members on October 19, 2013 at 3:00 PM Eastern.

Monday, October 14, 2013

NYCC Variant Power Lords Heads Coming Somewhere, Somehow

Two more heads - at least - are seen in these bags!  The picture has been circulating on the Source Horsemen and October Toys forums, supposedly from Facebook but as I am not on Facebook I can't find it.  I'm reading that these may go to Fan Club members - and I sure hope so!  It looks like Ggripptogg's head as well as the fishy blue redeco's head are in here.   More as we have it!

NYCC Power Lords Exclusives: Online Sale Thursday

PSA: The Outer Space Men NYCC White Star edition are up for grabs on Wednesday while the Power Lords Ggrapptikk Grunts will go on sale this Thursday, October 17, at 3:00 PM Eastern.  The Outer Space Men are open to the public, while the Ggrapptikk Grunts are going to Fan Club members only - how this will be done, I'm not sure yet.  Also, it means you may not be able to order both at the same time, allowing Store Horsemen to double their workload and restrict saving you on shipping should you wish to buy both sets.

The Power Lords figures are $13 each, $25 for the pair, and/or 25% off for Club Members.

The Outer Space Men are $70 for the lot ($35 per 3-pack), or $11/16 each.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NYCC Power Lords Revealed: Ggrapptikk Soldiers!

A short window from reveal to the release of these figures - less than a week - New York Comic Con's exclusive Ggrapptikk Grunt figures will be sold for $13 each (or $25 for the pair) this weekend at booth #102.  Click here to see big pictures and more at Source Horsemen.

Power Lords Fan Club members will get first crack at it, and that 10% discount qualifies. A pair of these guys should cost you US$34.50 delivered.  If you have friends into this line, I strongly suggest combining your orders to save on shipping, not only for you but also so the Horsemen have to pack fewer boxes and we all get our figures that much faster.

No specific on-sale time or date has been mentioned for non-con-goers, other than it will be after the convention closes on Sunday.  Stay tuned for more!

Monday, October 7, 2013

NYCC to Get Power Lords Exclusive - But What?

Coming to New York Comic Con, and confirmed at Source Horsemen, will be an unknown Power Lords item. It should be for sale at the Onell Design booth #102.  I don't know what it is - I would assume it's a recolor of Ggripptogg, but this is based on nothing.  It could be more Power Soldiers, which would be nice as those are great figures.  More as we have it!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Review: Four Horsemen Power Lords Power-Con Exclusive Power Soldier Action Figure

Four Horsemen Power Lords Power-Con Exclusive Power Soldier Action FigureThe Power Lords was one of those old sci-fi lines with a fascinating backstory and few loyal fans - it was born out of a catch-all sci-fi line based on the works of Wayne Barlowe back in the 1980s, but mutated into a line of more or less totally original designs between Barlowe and Revell, the manufacturer. This line has been in varying stages of development for years, and the Power Soldier was a surprise debut piece - rather than a clear figure like in Outer Space Men, the Four Horsemen took this license and instead opted to generate new, original "troopers" based on the original character Adam Power. There will be more - at least a blue and a red Power Soldier have been revealed in addition to the black Power Soldier and the white Elite Power Soldier.