Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review: Four Horsemen Power Lords Adam Power Action Figure

Four Horsemen Power Lords Adam Power Action FigureI think I mentioned before when Power Lords was first told to me as under consideration for a revival, I wasn't quite sure I remembered what it was. Adam Power and his friends were not in my childhood toybox, and I checked with some old friends who had some - but had no idea who or what they were. I was a huge fan of the Outer Space Men as a concept - and the revival - plus Glyos and the Four Horsemen usually bring great things. And this is a pretty great thing - but the level of momentum and the value of the club memebership left me wanting. These are all very good figures, and I think that fans collecting them in the future (that is, picking them up on eBay or in trades) are in for a big treat. But for those of us in the present? The level of non-communication, the lack of any idea when the third new sculpted body for this line will happen, and the relatively weak roll-out over the last year makes me think that I need to rescind my all-in attitude and cut back to just the full-painted updates of vintage guys.

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